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Extended Warranty (Optional)

Used Cars For Sale Berkshires, Used Car Dealers Pittsfield, MA, Used Cars For Sale Berkshire CountyWe Now Offer Extended Warranty Coverage Through “Endurance Dealer Services”, Please Ask Your Salesperson For Details.

Massachusetts Standard Warranty

The dealer will pay 100% of the parts and 100% of the labor for the covered systems that fail during the warranty period. Ask the dealer for a copy of the warranty document for a full explanation of warranty coverage, exclusions, and the dealer’s repair obligations.

The dealer will provide the full cost of parts and labor necessary to repair all covered defects. However, the dealer may charge you a one time fee of $100.00. This is only a one time fee and would not be applied again.

The Warranty Covers

Engine System: Engine Block, Engine Head, Flywheel, Rotor, Housings and all lubricated parts including: oil pan, valve covers, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil, water, and fuel delivery-pump; fan and fan clutch, engine mounts, rotor seals; all internally lubricated parts of a rotary engine.

Automatic or Standard Transmission/Transfer Case System: Transmission Case; Torque Converter and all internal parts including flex plate; transmission mounts; oil pan.

Drive Axle System (front and rear): Drive Axle Housing and all internal parts contained within the drive axle housing (front and rear), axle shafts, propeller shafts, and constant velocity or universal joints.

Brake System: Master Cylinder, Vacuum Assist Booster, Wheel Cylinders, Hydraulic Lines and Fittings, Disk Brake Calipers.

Electrical System: Alternator, Generator, Starter and Ignition System excluding battery.

Steering System: The Steering gear housing and all internal parts, power steering pump, valve body, piston AM Rack.

Engine Cooling System: Radiator, water pump, hoses.

NOTE: If the service contract box, (shown circled below) is checked, than the vehicle qualifies for an extended warranty through Endurance Dealer Services. Please ask for coverage details and costs.

Used Cars For Sale Berkshires, Used Car Dealers Pittsfield, MA, Used Cars For Sale Berkshire County